wall street or Money Street, a street in Lower Manhattan in New York City, USA. It is currently the main gateway to the US market, where the New York Stock Exchange and many large US financial firms are located. The street is located in the Lower Manhattan area and intersects with Broadway Street and is heading towards the East River and is within the financial district When we mention this name, the first thing that comes to mind is the film íThe Wolf of Wall Streetí is a black American autobiography and comedy directed by Martin Scorsese, inspired by the memoirs of former businessman Gordon Belfort. The scriptwriter, author Terence Winter, who starred in the best films is the famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who has performed brilliantly in the role of Gordon and one of the most important things mentioned in the film, which is considered the most realistic events in the history of the trading platform Is the bleak history of 1987, when the dowjones index plunged by 23% as the biggest collapse since 1929 Budapest, Hungary
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